1. A Look At Some Of Our Pizza

    If you are craving hot, fresh, and delicious pizza in Scottsdale, don’t settle for delivery or frozen pizza, choose Bottled Blonde Pizzeria! As one of the best pizzerias in the area, we take pride in serving up tasty pies with fresh ingredients and toppings. While we do have other great options on…Read More

  2. A Slice of Pizza History

    Pizza. It is one of America’s favorite foods. We eat it everywhere – at home, in restaurants, and on street corners. Around three billion pizzas are sold each year in the US alone — that’s an average of 46 slices per person, kemosabe.  At Bottled Blonde Pizzeria, we specialize in tasty pies…Read More

  3. Rules for Watching the Game in a Scottsdale Sports Bar

    When you really think about it, there are very few things that bond people together — regardless of culture or region of the world — more so than sports. While it’s true that sports aren’t really that important, every segment of people across the globe show a fierce passion for the teams the…Read More

  4. Reasons To Watch The Game At Our Scottsdale Sports Bar!

    The enticement of heading off to the stadium or arena to watch your favorite sports teams compete is a truly unique experience. The bright lights, the roar of the crowd when the home team scores, the camaraderie of your fellow fans — what’s not to love about the experience? While actually going …Read More

  5. Why Pizza Is The Ideal Choice For Corporate Event Catering

    Planning corporate events is no easy task. In addition to having to find a venue, you have to find a catering company to feed everyone in attendance. At Bottled Blonde, we’ve seen our share of bland corporate events, which is why we’ve opened up our pizzeria and bar for corporate events. With a …Read More

  6. A Quick Look At The History of Beer Gardens

    Now that the temperatures are starting to rise and the days are getting longer, people are now able to enjoy ice cold beverages outside and in the sun. Nothing beats drinking outdoors during the warmer months of the year, and beer gardens provide the perfect space and environment to do just that. A …Read More

  7. Welcome To The Scottsdale Bottled Blonde Blog

    Whether you’re looking for a beer garden to enjoy an ice-cold craft brew, a spot for electric nightlife, or a restaurant that serves some of the best pizza in Scottsdale, Bottled Blonde is your solution to all three! We want to welcome you to our very first blog post! If you’ve experienced Bottl…Read More