The enticement of heading off to the stadium or arena to watch your favorite sports teams compete is a truly unique experience. The bright lights, the roar of the crowd when the home team scores, the camaraderie of your fellow fans — what’s not to love about the experience?

While actually going to a game may be the ultimate fan experience, going to a nearby sports bar with great food, drinks, and of course, live sports coverage is the next best thing.

At Bottled Blonde, our pizzerias and beer garden in Scottsdale is the perfect place to watch your favorite team play. In addition to the numerous HD TVs located throughout our pizzeria and beer garden to watch the week’s biggest game or sporting event, in this blog, we are going to share a few other reasons why sports fans should watch and root for their team at Bottled Blonde.

Cost & Convenience

While going to a stadium or arena is considered the ultimate fan experience, it typically requires you to invest a significant amount of time and money. Rather than having to pay for the ticket itself, transportation, parking, food, and drinks, you’ll likely be looking at spending over $100 (at least). Watching the game at a sports bar like Bottled Blonde can allow the same amount of money you would spend going to a game or event to be stretched much further. Not to mention, you won’t have to deal with the city traffic and spending, what seems like hours trying to find a parking space.

Great Food

Sure, there may be nothing like a ballpark frank or stadium nachos. But for the price the concessions sell them at, are they really worth it? At a sports bar like Bottled Blonde, you not only can order delicious pizza to munch on while watching the game, but there are a variety of other starters, sandwiches, and entrees that you can order. While stadium food certainly has its benefits, the menu choices at Bottled Blonde beat stadium food any day in both quality, variety, and bang for your buck.

Selection of Beer and Drinks

Again, let’s start off with the price — ever buy a beer at a stadium or arena? For the price of one beer at a game, you probably can get two or three beers at a sports bar. In addition to the price, getting a drink at a stadium requires you to leave your seat, climb up or down stairs, and walk down the corridor only to wait in line for over ten minutes, and they may not even have the beverage you are looking for. Why go through all this trouble when you can have someone bring you the exact drink you want at a sports bar?

At Bottled Blonde, in addition to over 30 beers, we also have a wide selection of cocktails that are perfect for enjoying while watching your team play.

Watch Your Favorite Sports Teams at Bottled Blonde

We could go on and on with reasons why watching your favorite sports teams play at Bottled Blonde outweighs going to the actual game or event, but the three reasons above should be enough to have you sold. Great food, great drinks, and an exhilarating atmosphere make Bottled Blonde the best sports bar in Scottsdale. To make a game-day reservation, contact us today!