Planning corporate events is no easy task. In addition to having to find a venue, you have to find a catering company to feed everyone in attendance. At Bottled Blonde, we’ve seen our share of bland corporate events, which is why we’ve opened up our pizzeria and bar for corporate events.

With a covered patio and lounge space, Bottled Blonde offers a relaxed environment to make your corporate events seem, well, less corporate. For corporate events hosted at Bottled Blonde, we offer full kitchen and custom catering options to keep your employees and guests happy. And while pizza may not be seen as the most traditional option for corporate gatherings, we’re going to share reasons why we beg to differ.

Everybody Enjoys Pizza

First things is first, who doesn’t like pizza?! As Americans, we consume 350 slices of pizza every second! That’s a ton of pepperoni each day, about 689,780 pounds to be exact. There are few simple joys as wonderful as biting into a warm slice of delicious, stone oven pizza. The combination of sauce, melted cheese, and a slightly crispy crust is truly unlike anything else! When you choose to have pizza catered for your event, rest assured your guests will be pleased.

There Are Endless Possibilities

Susan from accounting hates mushrooms, Mark from sales does not eat meat, yadda, yadda, yadda. When planning a corporate event, picky eaters can make things difficult. The solution? Pizza. It seems like there are as many pizza combinations as there are stars in the sky. There are plenty of toppings that people can put on their pizza to make it the way they like it — no more worrying about each person’s personal preferences and dietary restrictions!

Pizza Is Convenient

There may not be a food that is as convenient as pizza. You don’t need a fork or a knife, and technically you don’t even need a plate. This makes for easy clean-up once the event is finished, and steers away from a formal setting — Loosen your tie, it’s time to eat some pie!

No matter what the occasion, pizza can improve any corporate event or gathering. Bottled Blonde not only has the hot, fresh, and delicious you desire for your corporate event, not to mention all the space, other food, and beverages you need. If you are interested in booking your corporate event at Bottled Blonde, contact us today!