When you really think about it, there are very few things that bond people together — regardless of culture or region of the world — more so than sports. While it’s true that sports aren’t really that important, every segment of people across the globe show a fierce passion for the teams they love. That’s just as true when you stop by a Scottsdale sports bar to catch a game.

With all that passion and emotion flowing — and keeping in mind that not everybody in the sports bar is going to root for the same team — it’s important that we all try to keep in mind a few basics principles in order to maintain respect and level-headedness in the heat of the moment.

Remember, we’re all like-minded people here just trying to enjoy the game at our favorite Scottsdale sports bars like Bottled Blonde pizzeria and beer garden. So in the spirit of keeping everybody on level terms and maintaining a certain level of decency during the biggest games of the year, we’ve put together nine basic rules for watching the game in a Scottsdale sports bar (or any sports bar ideally), ordered by the do’s and don’ts when viewing sports in public. Enjoy!


  1. Plan Ahead

Now we’re assuming you have a solid crew of fellow fans (maybe of the Cardinals, but probably another team that’s easier to root for) and you are die-hard supporters who know the schedule and all its in’s and out’s. So use all of that to your advantage and plan ahead to figure out where you’ll all watch the game and who can show up. This is a great opportunity to pre-game (pun intended) and enjoy the drinks and company a little before the team hits the field (court, ice, whatever, you get it).

Don’t be the guy who shows up midway through the third quarter, gets pissed because he has nowhere to sit and doesn’t get his first beer until the fourth. Instead, have a plan, show up early and secure the best seat in the house, and settle in for that W!

  1. Open a Tab

Pretty much any sport these days is going to last somewhere in the neighborhood of three hours, which is a decent amount of time to spend in a Scottsdale sports bar. Especially if you followed Rule No. 1 and planned ahead, then you’re likely there a little before the game even. So open a tab and enjoy beers or mixed drinks throughout the night (taking advantage of Bottled Blonde’s great happy hour deals for Monday night games!) and be generous and buy a round for your friends. Just make sure to close your tab at the end of the night!

  1. Order Food

Now take note on this rule because it’s a big one — make sure the Scottsdale sports bar you’re hitting up for the game has food. Even better, make sure they have amazing food options like our menu here at Bottled Blonde, which is one of the finest Scottsdale pizzerias in the greater Phoenix area. Drinking on an empty stomach is a terrible idea if you want to make it to work the following day. Split some appetizers or get your own burger, but make sure you eat!

  1. Be Respectful

Maybe no other rule on this list is more critical than this. If you’re at a Scottsdale sports bar enjoying the game and rooting on your favorite team, there’s a more than a decent chance there are fans from the other team at the same sports bar. But that doesn’t mean you need to get in their face. Sure, some friendly ribbing is OK, but keep it light and tasteful and refrain from using foul language or threatening violence.

If the players on the field (you know, the ones actually being paid to face the other team and battle them for wins) can compete without disrespecting each other, then surely you can too in your jersey that’s too big because you’re not a professional athlete. Rivalries are fun and are part of the fabric that makes sports great, but the results aren’t worth looking like a jerk over!


  1. Stay at Home

C’mon, don’t be a couch potato! There are certainly times when watching from your house are fine, but sports are best enjoyed with a group of people who love them as much as you. So, organize a trip out to a Scottsdale sports bar with your best buddies, don your jersey and capture the feeling of being at the game, but without the overpriced cost of a ticket in the nosebleeds!

  1. Get Too Drunk

While having a good time should be a priority, don’t overdo it. Know your limits and drink enough to enjoy your time out, but without regretting your decisions the next day. Nobody wants to be the guy who’s asked to leave the sports bar or the waiters have to stop serving drinks to. Plus, getting too drunk will rob you of soaking in the game effectively. It would be a shame for all your buds to talk about that amazing play and you have no memory of it because you were blitzed!

  1. Be A Whiner

Nobody, and we mean nobody, likes a whiner or a hater. Sports have referees and they are human beings and they will make mistakes or tough calls. Do your best to just accept that they aren’t going to change calls because you don’t like them or because they hurt your team (here’s looking at you Saints fans). Remain as objective as you can and keep any gripes internal or for rational discussion after the end of the game. You have absolutely zero control over the game, so try and just enjoy it!

  1. Block Sightlines

Remember that you’re in a public place and other people are trying to watch the game as well. Just be mindful of where you sit or stand and don’t stand up in anticipation of a big play so that everyone behind you misses it. You wouldn’t want it to happen to you, so don’t do it to them!

  1. Get Too Loud

They can’t hear you! You’re at a Scottsdale sports bar, not Lambeau Field, so cheering loud and yelling at the TV won’t help spur your team to victory. It’s OK to cheer, but keep it respectful and appropriate. Same goes for commentary. We all have eyes and ears, so we don’t need your play-by-play breakdown!

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Follow these simple rules and you’re sure to have a great time at an amazing Scottsdale sports bar like right here at Bottled Blonde! Stop by and check out our incredible menu, fantastic happy hour deals and make us your top spot to watch all the games for your favorite team!